About  Us


Simply put, we are lovers of vintage swing dancing, its music, and culture.  We enjoy seeing others swing dance, and enjoy spreading our love of swing dancing by promoting dances, giving demonstrations, and social dancing at public venues.


Here are some examples of what we offer for your events:

- Dance Demonstrations. Step Into Swing Swing Cats , our performance troupe, is ready to give you a top notch performance or demonstration.  We specialize in vintage swing dancing from the 1920's, 30's and 40's.  We can tailor our performance/demonstration to your specific event.  

- We can provide your group with a brief history of Swing Dancing and the music from that era.  We have taught several large groups how to dance and had them dancing to the music in no time at all.

** Our complete program includes not only a little history of the swing music and dance, but a demonstration of the different dances from the Swing Era We put together a program that will not only educate you on the Swing Era but entertain you and have you tapping your toe and ready to dance with us beofre we are done.

** "Floor Warming." We can help you get the party started.  If you are planning to play music for dancing, but afraid your guests will be too shy to dance.............. we can help by "warmming up" the dance floor and clear the path for your guest to take the dance floor and start enjoying the music.

** Dance lessons.  We can teach large or small groups the basic moves and get them dancing the night away.

We are experienced in running events and keeping everything going smoothly.  We are more than willing to work with your event planner to ensure a successful event.

We are available for all types of organiztions and events.   No matter what the organization, school or corporation, we can create a presentation that fits your needs.


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call us at 515-490-3589